Unclothed by Probir Sengupta

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The wet smell of water-colours at school, whiffs of extravagant perfumes on crumpled bed-sheets, fried delicacies at Didima's, intoxicated love-games on forlorn beaches - the pendulum oscillates between what was and what is.

Onni as a little boy... Onni as a young man... These pages uncover Onniruddh Ray. Who he was then. And who he has become.

As Onni's story zigzags, he meets three people - a woman, a man and a young lady. All three play their roles in unclothing him... Everything they do to Onni, from the time he is three years old to when he is thirty, strips down this tale while unbuttoning a very difficult truth.

How many ways can the heart be unclothed?

Is the pain the same every time?

Publisher: Wordit Content Design & Editing Services Pvt Ltd ISBN: 9789386487070 Pages: 220