Unwanted Company by Barbara Seranella

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Unwanted Company

A female auto mechanic and recovering addict becomes entangled in murder: “There’s no more interesting protagonist in crime fiction” (Chicago Tribune).
Miranda “Munch” Mancini has had a tough life—but she’s clean and sober, and back on the straight and narrow. She’s even established her own limo service, though so far her fleet includes only one car. But it’s a start.
Times are tough in 1984 Los Angeles, and Munch has an adopted daughter to support, so when a shady federal agent requests her services to ferry around a sleazy diplomat in town for the Olympics, she can’t say no. Then, to help out her old friend Ellen, who’s fresh out of prison, she hands over the driving duties. Trouble is, Ellen disappears with both the car and the client, and now the police are back on Munch’s doorstep. It seems a serial killer is on the loose, and Munch’s client may have been a victim—or the perpetrator . . . 
This “engrossing” mystery (The Oregonian), a Los Angeles Times bestseller, is “a satisfying novel” full of colorful characters, lethal danger, and international intrigue (Publishers Weekly).
“Don’t miss this series.” —Chicago Tribune
Publisher: Diversion Books ISBN: 9781626811751 Pages: 304