Vanity Blade by Samantha Harte

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Vanity Blade

The life and loves of the riverboat queen who left a trail of broken hearts behind her on her voyage west.
The orphan daughter of a saloon singer, vivacious Mary Lousie Mackenzie grows up to be a famous singer herself, the beautiful gambling queen known as Vanity Blade. Leaving her home in Mississippi, Vanity travels a wayward path to Sacramento, where she rules her own gambling boat. Gamblers and con men barter in high stakes around her, but Vanity’s heart remains back east, with her once carefree life and former love, Trance Holloway, a preacher’s son.
Trying to reclaim a happiness she’d left behind long ago, Vanity returns to Mississippi to discover—and fight for—the love she thought she’d lost forever.
Publisher: Diversion Books ISBN: 9781626816602 Pages: 384