Vinegar Soup by Miles Gibson

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Vinegar Soup

Full of dark comic invention, Vinegar Soup is a fantasy with a flavour all its own… an epic romance of true love, travel, and food

Gilbert Firestone, fat and fifty, works in the kitchen of the Hercules Cafe and dreams of travel and adventure. When his wife drowns in a pan of soup, he abandons the kitchen and takes his family to start a new life in a jungle hotel in Africa.

But rain, pygmies and crazy chickens start to turn his dreams into nightmares. And then the enormous Charlotte arrives with her brothel on wheels.

Praise for Miles Gibson

‘Miles Gibson writes with a nervous versatility that is often very funny and never lacks a life of its own.’ Guardian

‘Miles Gibson is a natural born poet.’ Ray Bradbury

Publisher: Canelo Digital Publishing Ltd ISBN: 9781911591177 Pages: 300