Visions of Tomorrow: Science Fiction Predictions that Came True by Tom Easton, Judith Klein-Dial

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Visions of Tomorrow: Science Fiction Predictions that Came True

An “intriguing” look at science fiction that foresaw the future, from computer viruses to space elevators—by authors from H. G. Wells to Gregory Benford (Publishers Weekly).
Long before movies like Minority Report and The Matrix, the world’s most revered writers have been creating far-fetched tales of advanced technology and the future as it might exist—and as it turns out, they were right.
This fascinating anthology collects the most prescient visions and imagined inventions that classic fiction has to offer. Visions of Tomorrow includes:
* “The Land Ironclads” by H. G. Wells, who described a military tank in 1903, long before it was ever a possibility;
* “Yesterday House” by Fritz Leiber, which predicted the ability to clone human beings;
* Robert Sheckley’s blackly comic “The Prize of Peril,” which hinted at a lethal lead-in to reality television;
* “Reason” by Isaac Asimov, which envisioned satellites that could harness solar power;
* And many more.
In this stunning anthology of never-before-collected stories, our world’s greatest science fiction writers demonstrate that the truth can be just as strange as fiction.
This ebook also includes an introduction by Robert Silverberg and selections by Edgar Allan Poe, Gregory Benford, Cleve Cartmill, Jeff Hecht, Thomas Easton, Murray Leinster, James Van Pelt, Rajnar Vajra, David Gerrold. Vonda N. McIntyre, Richard A. Lovett, Hal Clement, and Charles Sheffield.
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing Edited By: Tom Easton, Judith Klein-Dial ISBN: 9781628730081 Pages: 336