Wandering Along the Himalayan Foothills & Beyond: A Veterans Travelogue by Mani K Gahatraj

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Wandering Along the Himalayan Foothills & Beyond: A Veterans Travelogue

This book presents a traveler’s very personal experiences as he walks along the marked or unmarked trails of the Himalayan foothills crossing hills and valleys, quenching thirst from a fresh water mountain stream, watching in silence the ripples of a placid lake or a waterfall splintering into millions of particles over rocks, enjoying the feel of mountain breeze, smiling at strangers, clicking children on way to school or stroking the neck of a village dog that follows him. In other words the author shares the thoughts that cross the inner recess of his mind as he walks along, takes turns, rests, befriends strangers, drinks a hot mug of tea along the trail and just celebrates fresh dew drops dangling from a pink rose petal in a village garden.

The author in his travelogues takes the reader along the trail and helps her or him to experience every bend and scent of the trail while the writer himself takes a back seat to the places and people, which is a great quality for a travelogue writer.

Publisher: Vij Books India Private Limited ISBN: 9789382652915 Pages: 184