When I grow up, I'll become…: Picture book for early readers by Galia Lami Dozo, When I Grow up…

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When I grow up, I'll become…: Picture book for early readers

Age: From 5 years old

A Funny Picture Book for Beginner Readers/Bedtime Story

What would you like to be when you grow up? There are so many possibilities, it can be hard to choose!

In this book, discover what it is like to be: a fireman, a TV presenter, airline pilot, a teacher, a policeman, a doctor, a mechanic, a hair dresser, an inventor, a saleswoman, a football player, a make-up artist...

Thanks to the When I’ll grow up series, young children will get a better idea of what their possible dreamjobs look like!

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One day, I'll become... A fireman because I would like to save lives! When a building burns, I’ll race full speed with my big red fire truck. I’ll be very brave, I’ll put out the flames with my fire hose and I’ll go and rescue people!

Publisher: Primento Digital Publishing ISBN: 9782511036457 Pages: 14