Wildfire: A Novel by Mary Pauline Lowry

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Wildfire: A Novel

This novel of a female firefighter facing down her demons offers “a vivid portrait of life as a hotshot [and] true-to-life suspense” (Kirkus Reviews).
Julie’s obsession with fire began after her parents died, when she was twelve years old. Now, her fascination with flames has led her to an unlikely job as a forest firefighter on an elite, Type 1 “Hotshot” crew, traveling across the American West from Idaho to Southern California battling wildfires.
The only woman on the twenty-person crew, Julie struggles both to prove her worth and to find a place of belonging in this dangerous, insular, and very masculine world. As her season “on the line” progresses, so do her relationships with the strange and varied cast of characters that make up her hotshot team, as well as her relationship with nature and her own tragic past—causing Julie to learn what it means to put your life on the line for someone else.
From the author of The Earthquake Machine, Wildfire is a “high-octane” novel (Joy Williams) from “an original and special voice” (Anthony Swofford).
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing ISBN: 9781632201928 Pages: 308