Wings Of Rhapsody by Seema K Jayaraman

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Wings Of Rhapsody

Wings Of Rhapsody Wings Of Rhapsody - A Dalliance Of Poems is an anthology of poems

written by Mumbai based poetess Ms. Seema K Jayaraman. This

collection is an eclectic mix of poems written over a period of three

decades. Seema is a visual artist painting with words.

'Seema writes with a naturalistic, lyrical style, her work on the page begs to be read

aloud. Her work hearkens to a romantic tradition, drawing on landscape and nature

her craft is a contemporary one.’

- Guest Curator Ciarán Hodgers, Leaveners’ ‘Poets’ Corner’ UK introduces

Seema K Jayaraman as showcased Poet of the month December 2015.

'Seema's poems are like photographs in words, one can open the book to any page

for a feeling of true human history. lots of love and best wishes for the book!,

-Mana (Spiritual healer, Popular author of Soul Science)

'Seema's poems sometimes feel like song, they have a beat, some are mystical..'

- Aneish Kumar (MD, BONY, Mumbai)

'Seema's poems are thought- provoking, they churn you up with lucid images and

strong emotions. A book of poems which heals. I loved it.' Keep writing.....and


-Dr Trupti Jayin (Clinical psychologist, PLR expert)

'Seema, a poet / poetess like you only come around every 100 years or more, this is

your star, your destiny. Your ink is indeed blessed.'

- John Kavangah, UK (Poet, Author, Critic)

'Mesmerising! Original and ingenious crafting of words and images.

Delight to read and savor.'

- Oormila V Prahlad, Australia (Artist, Poetess and Accomplished Pianist)

Publisher: Wordit Content Design & Editing Services Pvt Ltd ISBN: 9789352016358 Pages: 222