Winter Heart by Jane Bonander

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Winter Heart

In the untamed mountains of the West, two wounded hearts find solace and fire in this spellbinding historical western romance.
Sierra Nevada Mountains, 1875. Dinah Odell will do anything to escape the cruel manipulations of her greedy uncle. Posing as a nurse, she heads to California to tend to Tristan Fletcher’s mentally fragile sister. After the travails of her past, Dinah thinks she’s prepared for anything. Except the sensitive, generous, and mysterious man she glimpses behind the cold facade that Tristan presents to the world . . .
With a dark past of his own, Tristan survived by closing his heart to the rest of the world. But he sees in Dinah the same desire to flee, and it sparks his own desire to protect her. To marry her, even. But to love her? When Dinah’s secret is revealed, it threatens to ruin everything she and Tristan have worked so hard to create. Will it tear them apart, or strengthen their bond even more?
“Jane Bonander reaches to her readers’ hearts.” —RT Book Reviews
Publisher: Diversion Books ISBN: 9781626810334 Pages: 320