Women in the Great War by Stephen Wynn, Tanya Wynn

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Women in the Great War

A “superlative social history” of British women’s efforts in WWI and how they led to the women’s suffrage movement—includes photos (Books Monthly).
In this fascinating history, husband and wife coauthors Stephen and Tanya Wynn chronicle the effects of the Great War on the lives of women, and how those experiences shaped the women’s suffrage movement. Before the war, women were employed as domestic servants, clerical workers, shop assistants, teachers, or barmaids. But after the outbreak of World War I, women began working in munitions factories, as nurses in military hospitals, bus drivers, mechanics, and taxi drivers. They began filling jobs and social roles that had previously been reserved only for men.
When the war finally came to a close, there was no going back for these determined women. Many were experiencing financial freedom for the first time and were reluctant to give up their independence. At the same time, tens of thousands of women were widowed with young children and already navigating new lives as heads of household. Chronicling the collective and individual stories of British women during the war, Women in the GreatWar demonstrates the profound and lasting impact the female war effort had on women’s social history.
Publisher: Pen & Sword Books ISBN: 9781473865419 Pages: 152