Working with Strengths: Putting personalisation and recovery into practice by Steve Morgan

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Working with Strengths: Putting personalisation and recovery into practice

The language in health and social care is littered with references to person-centred care, person-centred planning, personalisation, self-directed support, recovery and enablement. However, there remains a degree of confusion between service users, carers, practitioners, managers and commissioners about the practical delivery of these concepts in daily practice. A consistent theme throughout all of these concepts is the need to identify and work with people’s strengths (ie. their abilities, capabilities, qualities, motivations, wants and aspirations). This book will elaborate why and how we work with strengths alongside the more usual focus on problems and deficits. Outside of health and social care, the Gallup Organisation has identified through decades of research that focusing on strengths is at the heart of every successful business. So, it is not something that should only impact on the thinking and working of practitioners… this book will elaborate how we need to place strengths as the driving force for staff development, team development and organisational leadership.

Publisher: Pavilion Publishing ISBN: 9781909810730 Pages: 272