Yestermorrow: Obvious Answers to Impossible Futures by Ray Bradbury

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Yestermorrow: Obvious Answers to Impossible Futures

Experience the world of tomorrow as imagined by visionary science fiction author Ray Bradbury. Combining images from his past along with his personal musings about the future, the result is Yestermorrow: Obvious Answers to Impossible Futures. Entwined within a series of retrospective memoirs, Bradbury shares his thoughts on the state of the worldhow the past and present are reflected in society, technology, and popular culture, as well as the need for thinkers and imagineers to be the architects of the future.In this extraordinary collection of essays, poetry, and philosophical reflection, readers are treated to a glimpse inside the mind of one of the most celebrated and prolific authors of the twentieth century. Bradbury reveals the creative sparks that led to some of his most well-known and enthralling stories, along with his authorial influences on his journey to becoming a prominent figure in modern literature.
Publisher: RosettaBooks ISBN: 9780795350498 Pages: 150