We’re here to help avid readers find their next read, but we need you to help us.

How did you discover your favourite book? A review in a newspaper? A special offer in a bookshop? A poster at a railway station? Or did a friend press a copy into your hands saying that you just had to read it?

We’re certain the surest route to a great read is a good recommendation — so, if you’ve read a great book, we want you to pass the word on with Bookgrail!

Recommend a book to a friend via Bookgrail and we’ll back your recommendation with a great deal on the price. If your recommendation matches a reader up with their next book, congratulations! Your persuasiveness has earned you a commission that can be redeemed against your next read, or taken as cold, hard cash.

How does BOOKGRAIL work?
Bookgrail starts with a recommendation. Pick a book from our catalogue and click recommend. Your recommendation can go out as an email, a Tweet, or a Facebook post. Tell your friend why you think they’ll love your recommendation and click send. We’ll send them a free sample and back your recommendation with a great price offer — click here to see a sample recommendation. If your friend buys the book on the back of your recommendation, you earn a commission which can be redeemed against your next read from our bookstore, or taken as cold hard cash.

Why not give it a go? No sign up necessary, just click here.

What else can I do on BOOKGRAIL?
You can:

  • Browse great recommendations and interesting collections (shelves) from other readers
  • Find great deals on your next read
  • Create reading and discussion groups
  • Crowd-source a great recommendation in real-time

Who is BOOKGRAIL for?
Readers, authors, bloggers, booksellers: all are welcome.

How much money will I make?
Good question! But we refuse to be drawn! We hope, at the very least, you’ll be able to defray the costs of your own reading habit. Using Bookgrail shelves and streams will increase the visibility of your recommendations and we’ll soon be introducing tools for web masters to link into the Bookgrail engine. The sky’s the limit!

Do I need an account?
No! You can make a trial recommendation with just your email address and your recipient’s address. Give it a go here.
If your recommendation is accepted, we’ll let you know and you can sign up to receive your commission. You should also know that we have a shelf of special offers available to new members.

What devices do you support?
Bookgrail supports all current e-readers, including Kindles, Nooks, Kobos, Sony e-readers, smart phones and tablets (providing some form of epub or mobi file e-reader application is available on the phone or tablet).

Do I own the books I’ve bought from Bookgrail?
Of course you do. Bookgrail files are DRM-free (unencumbered by anti-copy software), so you can store them in your home library and swap them between your devices. In addition, you can log into your account and redownload a previously purchased title for free.

What is a BOOKGRAIL shelf?
A shelf is a method of organising your books by theme. The theme is up to you. It could be as general as ‘My 10 Favourite Books’ or as specific as ’13 Roman Detective Novels You Must Read’. Any title purchased from your shelf earns you a commission.

I’ve forgotten my password, how do I reset it?

Can I recommend a book via Facebook?

Yes you can. Just select the Facebook button at the top of the recommendation box.

Can I tweet a recommendation?
Simple: Just select the Twitter button at the top of the recommendation box.

Can I add a recommendation to my blog?
Just select the html button at the top of the recommendation box and follow the instructions.

What is my Kindle email address?
Your Kindle e-mail address is a unique address of the form [name]@kindle.com assigned to your Kindle devices and Kindle reading applications. If you are not sure what it is, log into your Amazon account, click Manage Your Kindle, then Manage Your Devices. Your Send-to-Kindle addresses will be listed here, or you will have the option to set one up.

Can I import my books and shelves from Goodreads?
Yes you can. We can import the books you shelved, the lists they reside on (default and any personal shelves), your book ratings and reviews. To import your books and shelves from Goodreads, log in to your Goodreads account, click on ‘My Books’, select ‘Import/Export’ on the righthand menu and then click ‘Export to a .csv file’ to download a .csv file to your computer.

Not all of my Goodreads books were imported. Why?
If we don’t have a particular book in our catalogue and we can’t list it on your shelves. However, we do flag missing books and if it is added to our catalogue later, we will automatically add the book to your shelf, along with the corresponding ratings and reviews.

Does BOOKGRAIL store my credit card information?
We do not store credit card information. Paypal handles all Bookgrail purchases.

If you’d like to see your titles available on BOOKGRAIL, please get in touch: [email protected]