About Apollo

The Apollo list reflects in various ways the extremity of our time, and the ways in which novelists responded to the vertiginous changes that the world went through as the great empires declined, relations between men and women were transformed and formerly subject peoples found their voice.

This series of handsomely produced books – selected by the distinguished critic, poet and editor Michael Schmidt, in conjunction with Neil Belton, editorial director at Head of Zeus – makes great forgotten works of fiction available to a new generation of readers.

The list includes an East European classic, a fable of the enduring tensions that have made the Balkans so lethally violent; a scarifying portrait of a self-destructive family; a story of Jewish survivors set in the ruined, paranoid Berlin of the mid 1950s; and a haunting and beautiful novel about a family reduced to dirt-poor rural poverty during the Great Depression. Here too are The Day of Judgment, the great Sardinian novel of the 20th century, and The Authentic Death of Hendry Jones, a remarkable novel about the enduring American myth of the gunslinger. Apollo will challenge the established canon and surprise and move readers with its choice of books.

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