Sea Glass

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Sea Glass is a historical fiction set during the periods of Great Depression of 1930s at the USA and it is effect on the villagers of Ely Falls.

The lives of Honora Willard, Sexton Beecher, Alphonse, McDermott, Vivian Burton and Alicia Williard are intertwined by circumstances and actions. The novel begins with Honora, who was a teller at a bank and Sexton settling into a new house they on their wedding day. Sexton a salesman of typewriter with strong career aspirations settles into married life without a problem. Honora learns to love him, her way into marriage and making ends meet with help of her mother Alicia Williard through her letters.

Each of her character made a difference and were portrayed typical to their period. Be it Sexton who was considered it was not important to inform his financial status or the reason he lost the job or the possibility of the strike to his wife. Or Honora who felt never once share her difficulties in making their ends meet or even let him feel the pinch of the pain. She did whatever she was supposed to, be a woman behind her husband support his decision – whatever it be. Her mother’s letters were on the same lines, offering matronly advises and filled with warmth and love. Vivian (I liked her more than others) being the rich and independent lady of class and wit, took a sharp turn from the spoilt, tantrum throwing girl to the one provided for her friends, the group and anyone else she could even she was not personally affected as others.

In conclusion, It is a pretty straight forward story with slightly disappointing end. It is only Anita Shreve’s simple yet poignant words that made be continue the book even during some boring parts.


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