Summer holiday children’s reading activities

Summer holidays are upon us among children’s ecstatic chants of “No more pencils, no more books…”. With the initial excitement quickly wearing off the kids are getting bored and you are casting around frantically for something possibly intellectually stimulating to offer your children on one of those not-so-sunny summer days perhaps you might be interested in getting them interested in picking up a book and reading it. So, if you are in or about London, perhaps you might want to have a look at one of the following summer holiday reading activities:

• The Mythical Maze summer reading challenge has plenty of reading competitions and games on offer. Find your way through the Mythical Maze and meet characters from legends as you read. Grab a poster and complete the maze with stickers from the library.

• The Books about Town event in cooperation with Wild in Art, placing 50 sculptures based on well known children’s books scattered around London. This event will be running over the summer aiming to encourage young readers to discover the joy of reading as they follow literary trails around the city. There are maps you can download with trails around Greenwich, Bloomsbury, the City of London and the Riverside.

• The Guardian’s young critic competition, open to children aged 17 or under, offers prizes to the winning reviews for a series of books.

If you have any other suggestions for kids’ reading-based activities then please do let us know.

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