Canadians Vote for Vampires in Space and Abolition of Consciousness

And about time too. I’m delighted to announce Peter Watts’ Echopraxia won the CBC’s “Bookie Award” in the “Best SciFi, Speculative Fiction, or Fantasy” category, beating Emily St. John Mandel’s Station Eleven by 300 votes. Of course, the genetic resurrection of a legendary ur-human predator is but just one facet of Mr Watts’ dazzling novel, so it comes as no surprise to also find Echopraxia on Locus’ “Recommend Reading List” for the year — and my Recommended Reading List for the decade. Even better, read it with its sidequel, Blindsight – the two are umbilically linked in the gargantuan slab of SF that is Firefall

Also worth your reading time if you like this kind of thing is Peter’s website.

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